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:: radiofreenewton :: is live and on the air! Tune in to our Newton-friendly MP3 stream using your MessagePad now, or with your computer using iTunes or other MP3 software capable of playing online streams.

In addition to our stream, we've compiled a partial list of Shoutcast-style streams ideal for listening over the Internet using your Newton. Please send us your favorite station and we'll expand the list.

Latest News
11/28/12 Question today from RFN (would-be) listener Chris: "Is your stream still functional?" Thanks, Chris, and yes! A software update unexpectedly hung our server, thanks for the catch! :: radiofreenewton :: is back up, and approaching 10 years of streaming on the Internet! Thanks again, Chris!

5/11/10 One of the questions I get all the time is, Jesse, how do I listen to :: radiofreenewton :: and the TaxiJamz Radio Network?

On a Mac or PC with iTunes, you should just be able to click on the listen link here or under the currently-playing song. iTunes (or another helper program on your system) should connect you directly to our stream.

NEW NEW NEW! Listen to :: radiofreenewton :: on your Android cell phone! First, download and install (free) Xiaa Live from the Android Market, then visit :: radiofreenewton :: on your Android browser and click on the listen link!

4/15/10 :: radiofreenewton :: is proud to announce a new content partner, the TaxiJamz Radio Network! Listen live to :: radiofreenewton :: and the TaxiJamz Radio Network!

8/7/09 Coming up on our six year anniversary! Can you believe it? Remember, you can listen to :: radiofreenewton :: on iTunes or lots of other MP3 programs!

5/28/08 Back online with new hardware. This radio stuff is tough on a box! Now streaming at 96k.

2/5/06 Thanks to kat in Hong Kong for helping pinpoint a configuration problem that kept us off the air! We're back online, and I've lowered the bitrate to 56k so she can listen better. :)

1/1/06 Running again, in test mode, hope to stay up for a while this time!

12/8/03 Back up after (yes, another) extended outage. This time a cross-country move and a platform change is to blame. Now streaming using Shoutcast under Mac OS X from the Mission District in San Francisco!

7/22/03 Our main stream is back up after an extended outage due to a hardware failure. Our new configuration precludes multiple streams at the moment, so we've consolidated into a single, 96k stream that plays well on Newtons and sounds great in other players.

The Collection
We usually play about 4,000 songs in random rotation. In theory, every five or six days you'll hear the same song. The collection is a salad bowl of hip-hop, various flavors of electronica, alternative, R&B and more. Suggest your favorite server to include in our directory!

Frequent Questions
Q. Newtons? People still use those?

Yes! A dedicated user community exists at NewtonTalk.Net, and user groups still meet regularly around the world. The penultimate and ultimate Apple Newton MessagePads, the 2000 and 2100, are surprisingly robust machines still in daily, rigorous use in many fields.

Q. Do I need a Newton to listen to :: radiofreenewton ::?

No, you don't. :: radiofreenewton :: is a Shoutcast-style MP3 stream easily playable on just about any platform. WinAmp for Windows and iTunes for Macintosh are excellent free players.

Q. What do I need to listen to MP3 streams on my Newton?

You'll need:

  • A Newton 2100, original or upgraded
  • Internet connection using Newton Internet Enabler 2.0
  • MAD Max, the application used to play MP3 files and streams on the Newton, by Eckhart Köppen
  • NewtsCape Web browser, by Steve Weyer (recommended)
  • LaunchPLS a playlist launcher for NewtsCape, by Victor Rehorst (recommended)
  • Newton WaveLAN 802.11 Wireless Ethernet driver and compatible PC card for wireless listening (cool)

Q. How do I listen to the streams on my Newton?

When you visit this page using your Newton and NewtsCape (with LaunchPLS), clicking on the streaming links should launch MAD Max directly. Then press play to begin listening. If you don't have NewtsCape and LaunchPLS, you can view the link locations and enter them into Mad Max manually.

Q. What does this page look like on a Newton?

::radionfreenewton:: detects when you are visiting from a Newton device, and delivers this NewtsCape-optimized page.

Now Playing
High Plains Drifter
"Paul's Boutique"
Beastie Boys

Listen live! 96k MP3 stream

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More Newton-friendly streams
(updated 2/06)
Smoothbeats Underground and mainstream hiphop 32k

WOLF-FM 80s hits 24k

Aural Moon Progressive Rock 56k

WEMU-FM 89.1 NPR/Ypsilanti, MI 24k

KUOW-FM 94.9 NPR/Seattle 32k

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